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The segment dedicated to the fine art of free-styling.

Exclusive to The Fixxx Audiocast hosted by J-Wealth and Codigo Red on Dash Radio in the heart of Hollywood, CA.

What To Expect:

The first half of the segment will be a short interview that will last between 5-7 minutes. The interview will be immediately followed by the freestyle session which will last 5-7 minutes, or as long as you keep going. The anticipated run-time of the segment is 15 minutes and this, of course, may vary.

This is a challenge so you will not be told the beats you will be free-styling to and will not have a choice of the type of beat. We are only looking for versatile artists who are able to show off their skills over a variety of styles.

You will, however, have three chances to change the beat, or drop the beat completely and rock it acapella. We’ve been kind enough to supply you with the ‘No Writtens Theme Beat’ above if you would like to get some practice in before the show.

If you’re up for the challenge, please fill out the media release below and we will contact you with the exact date, time and address.