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VIDEO: Dr. Levi Harrison ft. Eunique Hakeem - The Reality Show LA #redcarpetseries


VIDEO: Dr. Levi Harrison ft. Eunique Hakeem - The Reality Show LA #redcarpetseries

#brandnew #radiopics ft. Dr. Levi Harrison.

Dr. Levi Harrison, MD has the fastest growing solo practice for hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries in the Los Angeles Area. Popularly known as The Gamer's Doctor, his training and expertise have been lauded throughout Los Angeles, CA and internationally. His practice uses state-of-the-art treatment protocols and cutting-edge surgical techniques. Patients vary from the pediatric population to notable athletes, musicians, and celebrities. He is involved extensively in volunteer efforts with the free Glendale healthy kids program and is a member of the Glendale Rotary Club. Dr. Harrison also carries memberships with the Burbank, Glendale, Eagle Rock and Pasadena Chambers of Commerce.

Dr. Harrison is an active lecturer. He travels extensively and has a varied lecture series, including, Common Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries, Impact of Diabetes on Orthopedic Injury, as well as Health and Fitness: The Basics. 

Dr. Harrison is also an enthusiastic athlete. He has participated in the Los Angeles Marathon, and a number of other races. His love of fitness extends from bowling, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, to mixed martial arts, bodybuilding and skydiving.

He has also appeared as a medical authority on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Fox TV, Studio 11 LA and the KTLA Morning News. Dr. Levi has also been featured in multiple gaming communities including: Yahoo Games, Kotaku, Geek & Sundry, Vice’s Motherboard, Machinima, IGN XM Radio and countless others for his groundbreaking work in preventing repetitive stress injury in the competitive eSports community.

You can pick up Dr. Levi Harrison's book, "The Art Of Fitness - A Journey To Self Enhancement" on Amazon and visit his website for more!

The Duminator hopes that you enjoy these moments as much as he enjoyed capturing them! 

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