It’s always a tremendous pleasure seeing a great friend of Red Carpet Series the Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills Sir David Harrison Levi!

via My name is David Harrison Levi. My philosophy in life, I believe in things like God, peace & love, compassion, caring & kindness towards others less fortunate, an end to cancer in our lifetime, that life is beautiful and worth living, to never give up & your greatest potential can truly be achieved through positive thinking and an optimistic attitude.

I believe that all forms of cancer, hunger & homelessness, animal cruelty and war and hate must be eradicated from our daily-lives and for the future, safety & security of all mankind. I am a man of peace and I don’t understand jealousy, unfair judgement of others, bitterness, resentfulness, anger or hatred …

I have never asked you to believe in me, David Harrison Levi, I ask you ONLY to consider the “goodness” in the world & stay focused on the positive … and IF I am the sick one and am doing something wrong … please comment & help me to better understand YOUR position! … I love you!

Sir David Harrison Levi Starmaker – Goodwill Ambassador Emeritus for World Peace & Breast Cancer Awareness – Author – Philosopher – Humanitarian – Philanthropist – I want to be friends … please “follow me” on Facebook …

Life is at its weakest point, when there seems to be more doubt than trust in your life, however, life is at its strongest & the greatest lesson’s learned, when you learn to trust in God in-spite of the doubts cast upon you by others.

Because I trust in God, many great things has happened to me. Things like becoming the Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills and being recognized as a Goodwill Ambassador by The United Nations. Many of things haves come my way as well, but this is proof that all things are possible, especially when you believe in God.

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