Fresh off of producing he and his brother Johnnie Flowers’ sold out ‘I’m Already Lafffinnn’ Comedy Show at the Rec Room in Huntington Beach, I managed to catch up with Limuel ‘LA Lim’ Flowers of LA Lim Management to ask him 5 Questions.

LiftoffBlog 1: Who is Limuel ‘LA Lim’ Flowers?
Limuel Flowers: Limuel LA Lim Flowers is a loving, caring, funny, spiritual man who loves the Lord and his fellow Brothers and Sisters of our collective humanity on God's good Earth.

LB 2: How did you get started in the entertainment industry?
LF: I got started in the entertainment industry because I love to perform, network and collaborate on projects that will entertainment everyone and make them feel good.

LB 3: What excites you most in life right now?
LF: What excites me the most in life now is to carry on and live my life for Christ and in the shining example of my Mother who was the greatest human being I've ever known.

LB 4: Why does music play such a vital role in your life?
LF: Dick Clark once said..."Music is the Soundtrack of our life" I couldn't put it any better. I love to sing and I've sung all my life. It makes and keeps me happy, grounded and focused.

LB 5: You have been very vocal about your weight-loss journey. What part of the journey do you think has had the most positive impact your mental, physical and spiritual well-being?
LF: I lost weight so that I could live. My weight loss journey and mission for spiritual renewal and empowerment proved to me what was possible, that I could live.

LB: Bonus Multiple Choice Question: What is the iconic line from Star Wars? (Whether you've watched the movie or not. Don't cheat by googling it!).

A - 'Luke, I am your father' or

B - 'No, I am your father'

LF: As for the bonus question....I confess that I have never seen a Star Wars film, nor am I even familiar with that I'll just go with "A"

Answer: The answer is… B! Better luck next time Lim!

Photography and writing by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for the #liftoffblog and #redcarpetseries