Veteran Couture designer Carolina Hernandez made full use of her moment on the red carpet! She celebrated her victory in the KTM Unleeshed Designer Competition by showing off these exquisite gowns inspired by fish.

Pictured here at the Kiss The Monkeys Holiday Party at Wattles Mansion in Hollywood with KTM Co-Founders Al Harris & Raquel Sanchez along with some very special guests including David Harrison Levi the Honorary Mayor of Beverly Hills, Vero Cruz of #AMODELS, Limuel ‘L.A. Lim’ Flowers of L.A. Lim Management, Rel Estate Mogul & KTM Official Host Davi Davenport, and PR Expert Sidney Garcia.

via Inspired by her childhood in Mexico, Carolina Hernandez was destined to become a designer with a purpose. After watching her Mother and Grandmothers sew and create garments, Carolina was fascinated by the process and decided to join in the family tradition, which led her to Los Angeles, California with the desire to attend fashion design school.

However, in 2005 Carolina decided to give back to the country that had given her a life changing opportunity. Therefore, she served in the U.S. Navy where she was able to visit different countries and learn about other cultures’ lifestyles and their traditions.

In 2014, Carolina earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of California-SD and also received a scholarship during the 6th annual fashion show competition receiving the most creative award. Because of her diverse background, Carolina decided to incorporate her military experiences with her first passion, design. For this reason, Carolina created the brand Veteran Couture founded in 2015.

Photography & lighting by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for #redcarpetseries #yourmomentawaits