Happy 2019 party people! Hopefully you're all enjoying your hangovers and headaches :) 

As our first drop of the year, we're so excited to officially release the pics of all the fun we captured at Unleeshed - KTM Holiday Benefit CelebrationKiss the Monkeys put on the hottest holiday party in Hollywood at the historic Wattles Mansion. This spectacular, world-class event featured amazing fashion by the 'Red Queen' Kiki Wang set in gorgeous grounds featuring a Japanese garden, an Italian rose garden, a formal Spanish garden, a palm court and orchards. 

Oh and wait, there were beautiful models both on AND off the runway! What a beautiful crowd!

Al Harris and RaQuel Sanchez completely outdid themselves with this one! It was really great to run into so many familiar Kiss the Monkeys Interactivefriends including Limuel Flowers of #LALIMEntertainment, Actor and Rapper Micah Fitzgerald, Model Shagun Gupta, KTM Appreciation Award Recipient Sidney Garcia, Model Coach Vero Cruz of #AMODEL, Publisher of Manila Up International Magazine @Sonia D. Sonia D Bermejo, and, of course, the evening's fabulous hosts multiple Award-Winning international TV-Anchor, Emmy Awards Judge and Hollywood Correspondent His Royal Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe and Realtor, Philanthropist and Live Host Davi Davenport of davidavenportlive.com.

We have to give a tremendous THANK YOU to Celebrity Correspondent and Model Codigo Red of TheFixxxAudiocast.com for doing a tremendous job interviewing all of the fun guests on the red carpet. Watch this space for the final interviews!

By the way, did we mention that this mansion was gorgeous? The Wattles Mansion was built in 1907 and is one of Hollywood's first tourist attractions. According to the City of Los Angeles, it 'is one of the few remaining landscapes reminiscent of another era and tradition, possessing a genuine integrity of setting, design, workmanship and association.' · Updated 3 seconds ago · Taken at Wattles Mansion