Every second Saturday of every month, Janet Rodriquez of All Access Events & Love Life by J. Rod co-hosts Clipper Darrell's Fan Truth Show live on Dash Radio for some sizzling relationship talk. 

This month we went live from El' Cholo Restaurant (right across from the Staples Center) in downtown LA before the LA Clippers' 126-105 victory over the Sacramento Kings

It was so much fun and a huge pleasure to get to spend the afternoon with the Fan Truth team. The full video episode will be posted soon. 

If you ever find yourself at El Cholo, their vegan Annie's Early California enchiladas, pictured below, are MIND BLOWING! And this is coming from someone who still eats meat! With vegan dishes like this around, we'll see how long that lasts. 

Clipper Darrell's Fan Truth show airs every Saturday from 11am-1pm on www.dashradio.com. Follow @allaccesseventsllc @lovelifebyjrod @clipperdarrell & @dashradio on social media.

I hope you all enjoy these fun moments as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

- The Duminator