It's always great to link back up with your clients who not only supported you from Day One, but also referred you to other clients who turned around and referred you as well, helping make it possible for you to even get past Day One!!!

Well, on Feb. 27th 2016, almost a year ago, our first post ever, to this exact blog, was some still images from the "Days Go By" video shot and edited by Top Flyt Media for Music Evolved's Kno'Bodie. That's right, our first blog post ever!!! And so it was with absolute pleasure that The Duminator was dispatched to North Hollywood to join Music Evolved's CEO @PCPLabs on the eve of the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards for the official release of JOB's hot new music video "When We Get On" ft. iiamezze & K-OH.

According to, "@PCPLabs created JOB as the answers to life’s tests.  Building relationships that tame the sable so those who dream together can live life like the Kings, and Queens God intended them to be.  War throws the world out of balance. Balance will bring back paradise.  Let the music of Job help us return us to paradise.

"If you have a passion & believe in following inspiration, The music shares the story of a modern day JOB who has looked in the mirror and made that change from a job to independence.  Support the project, get the story through the music and share the journey from Job to joy."

The listening party was very well attended by fellow artists and industry A&R's and from what we got to hear, all we can say is we look forward to seeing the Music Evolved team on the red carpet at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards!!!

As always, The Duminator hopes that you enjoy these moments as much as he enjoyed capturing them! Remember that it's never too late to spread love, or too early for that matter! 

We'd also like to thank you, yes you reading this right now, for lending us your eyeballs. #btw, if our #flypics are your kind of #party, don't forget to like, comment & follow!!!

Lets all Come together and make a change. One Peace, One Love. When We Get On - We will not forget about My BROTHERS STRUGGLE!! IG & FaceBook = @heartofjob Email: Directed By: HBShotiT SoundCloud: Copyright Music Evolved 2017