It's one thing to watch a scripted Hollywood movie that's been 'adapted' for the big screen, and it's something a little more special to hear the people who lived the movie speak on their own behalves. 

On Friday I was very lucky to attend this special discussion with panelists who were all involved in Tupac's career through management, production, marketing and, of course, his personal development.

Tupac has occupies the #1 spot on my Top Five Dead or Alive rappers list and is the only rapper with a guaranteed spot on my list.

This event was sponsored by the Universal Hip-Hop Museum, The USC Center for Black Cultural Student Affairs, And USC El Centro Chicano. The biopic on the life of 2 Pac, "All Eyez On Me" will be in theaters on June 16, 2017 (what would have been his 46th birthday).