#brandnew #socialpics from The Reality Show La's TV Pilot shot at CML Studios in Glendale. 

Special mention HAS to be made of the phenomenal talent that blessed our red carpet co-hosted by our bdaypics.net package. We couldn't ask for a better crowd for it's red carpet premiere! It's quite amazing just how much talent was in the audience! Next time we should have a microphone booth too! Thank you so much to our headliner Ras Kass for coming out to support our dream! Also a huge thanks to everyone who tunes in to the radio show on Accelerated Radio

It must also be known that it was both a pleasure and an honor to cover this prestigious event that was filmed for 3 major TV networks with our phenomenal family at The Reality Show LA! This production took a loooooot of work and could never have happened without the endless hours of work that I've seen Eunique Hakeem and his cast put into making this show a reality. Um. Show.

The Duminator hopes that you enjoy these moments as much as he enjoyed capturing them! 

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